I’m Joining Paystack! 🎈

In 2016, I opened my first design tool- Corel Draw, it wasn’t even meant to be anything serious, just for a school project. But as time went on, I realised that design (first graphic design, then illustration and UI design) was something enjoyed, the past 3 years have consisted of me learning, unlearning and relearning various concepts relating to design- mostly on my own.

Many design tools, online courses, one internship, countless rejection letters, many freelance projects and troublesome clients later, here I am, I’m joining Paystack!

The whole application and recruitment process was a bit unusual, one day I’ll talk about it. But all that matters is that I’m here now, privileged to join a team of some of the smartest, kindest people ever to revolutionalise payments within Africa and beyond.
I’m so excited and at the same time scared. It’s unlike anything I’ve done before, but like everything I’ve done before it, I’m going to put in my best and enjoy the journey!
Let’s do this!

A badass visual designer