Before you begin, I need one thing from you, don’t worry about me, I’m fine, actually, I’m better than fine, I’m in a pretty good headspace, the best I’ve been in in the past 2/3 years.

Now, let's begin.

The last time I was properly asked this question, it was for a school assignment, and I was meant to give an answer that translated to a piece of architecture.

But now, I’m here two years after and I’m asking the same question. Only, I don’t have an assignment to turn in or a building to design. I’m just a twenty-something-year-old who doesn’t know how exactly this life thing is meant to go.

This time last year, I had a specific goal, and it took roughly a year for it to work out and I’m barely adjusting into it and I’m suddenly thinking of the next challenge.

I understand the need, and the importance of being ambitious and wanting the best constantly, but where/when does that end and where do you actually find yourself sitting back to enjoy what you’ve worked for?

Who said life has to be a journey? Why can’t it be a road trip, or a travelling circus, where we travel for days on end and stop at a destination for a substantial period of time.

I said this to my friend recently and he mentioned something about being millennials and always wanting more. I really want more for myself, I’ve got those crazy dreams and people that I want to be like in future.

But why can’t I allow myself breathe and appreciate my achievements and what I’ve done?

Where exactly does the line between ambition and greed lie? When do you cross it?

A badass visual designer

A badass visual designer